The aim of the chamber

The main aim of MRCCI is to create the job opportunities to improve the socio-economic life based on the commerce within Mandalay region and to help it become an all-round economic community for domestic and foreign investments as Mandalay region is not only a transport intersection for Myanmar, ASEAN, India and China but plays a strategic role in the present situation.

The objectives of MRCCI are as follows:

  • To make collaborative efforts with the government so as to help encourage the flow of merchandise, to get the right commodity prices and stabilize them within Myanmar
  • To participate in implementing the economic policies made by the state
  • To lead the organizing process needed in performing the respective tasks for the sake of amity and unity among the members, the success of the business and for finding the markets
  • To help tackle with the necessities and difficulties of the members in cooperation with the respective government departments and associations
  • To participate as a representative body in making the regional economic plans of the state and implementing them
  • To lead and organize in making the respective, collaborative efforts with a view to boosting commodity production, trading and servicing and promoting knowledge enrichment of the members in accordance with international standards
  • to help mediate the occasional disputes among the members in a way which cannot have a bad impact on the friendship
  • To perform every task with a view to the interest of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar and the citizens
  • To help main the good balance in boosting the business of the members so that it can prevent their business from having a negative influence on the public, including the ethnic minorities
  • To implement the system based on the sustainable economic growth without putting an emphasis on making the profits