MRCCI delegation visited to China

March 14th to 17th 2023

The delegation led by the Chairman of the Mandalay Region Chamber of Commerce and Industry Association visited Shwe li Town | Long churn District | Mansi City, Tahome Sub-Province, and exchanged in-depth discussions to further promote China-Myanmar trade cooperation.

During the exploration, the delegation visited Shwe Li Port (Palace Gate, 3 Routes included) |Yegong Kyak Round |Shwe Li Port Joint Inspection Office Department |Jewels Market |Shwe Li Town PengHe Agriculture and Food Company | Ruili Experimental Area Planning Museum|Shweli Industrial Zone |Wanting Manman Road |Wanting ChangHe Company |KenFa Company |Longchuan Phone Port |Longchuan Industrial Zone |
Arriving at Tahun ZhengXin Company |FuRui Food and Oil Company |Mansi ZhiCheng Tea Co., Ltd. |YunChaWu Coffee Company etc., he actually studied the development status of port trade and agricultural products brokerage.