Global MBA Offshore Program (UTCC – University of Thai Chamber of Commerce)

UTCC is unique through its links with the Thai Chamber of Commerce. Global MBA Program is opened in Mandalay campus. The program is providing MBA graduates with ethical and conscience for enhanced social responsibility. Group Discussions, presentation, projects, assignments and brain-storming activities facilitate business strategies in conducting with real-world projects. Classes are on weekends (Saturday & Sunday) for who staffs, business owner with busy schedule to be able to join the program.

SES – Senior Expert Service

Senior Expert Service is supported by Germany Government. International Experienced Experts are supporting businessman in Mandalay region for business productivity, technology, advices.

Export Linking Service

Export Linking Service is sharing basic information to the members who are trying their regional products to export markets. We link with respective departments for these services.

Networking Events

MRCCI organized member networking event to enhance connectivity between member, sharing business opportunities, IHK services widely.

Invitation to the members for the respective product/ industrial seminars

Inviting International Trade Fair, Seminar, sharing information to members by Email, Facebook, Viber. We are assisting member to attend International buyer seller meet, virtual matching, training, seminars. We collect update participants list also and informed for this chance to attend.

Green Financing

Green financing is cooperative with MRCCI & WWF for energy sector, food and beverage, waste water treatment of production, funded by EU as loan program.

Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency is reducing energy and saving energy in industrial sectors. We are giving advice for efficient usage of energy as per amount during fieldwork.

Waste Water Program

- Waste Water Program is preventing environment from waste water of industries by providing awareness advice & necessary suggestion awareness how to reduce waste water systematically.

Joblinkage Program

Joblinkage website is web portal with the aim of job opportunities for youth, especially fresh graduates. MRCCI are hosting job fair event to be able connect employees with the business owner directly. 10. Further Training Services

Further Training Services

- With the objective of human resources development, MRCCI is preparing career on job training with cooperation Industrial Training Center, International Organizations, vocations trainings school

Room Renting Service (for seminars, talks, workshops, and trainings)

Room renting service for seminars, workshop, trainings, new product launching with reasonable prices. MRCCI prepare for cleaning the rooms, setting desk, chairs and  others by organizer of event. Event Organizer need to show permit of hosting event by respective regional department. Beyond limited hour, Prices will be charged per hour.

Hall Room (6)

  • Rent Fee 450,000 Ks

    3Hrs (One Section)

  • LED Board Rent Fee 150,000 Ks

    3Hrs (One Section)

  • Space 70'x84'

    Total (100 - 300)

Ruby Room (8)

  • Rent Fee 250,000 Ks

    3Hrs (One Section)

  • LED Board Rent Fee 30,000 Ks

    3Hrs (One Section)

  • Space 27'x54'

    Total (50-70)

Sapphire Room (2)

  • Rent Fee 200,000 Ks

    3Hrs (One Section)

  • LED Board Rent Fee 30,000 Ks

    3Hrs (One Section)

  • Space 18'x31'

    Total (30)

ABC Room

  • Rent Fee 30,000 Ks

    3Hrs (One Section)

  • Space 10'x12'

    Total (5 - 10)

Diamond Room

  • Rent Fee 200,000 Ks

    3Hrs (One Section)

  • LED Board Rent Fee 30,000 Ks

    3Hrs (One Section)


  • Multi-Media Touch 86' Rent Fee 60,000 Ks

    3Hrs (One Section)

  • Multi-Media Touch 65' Rent Fee 50,000 Ks

    3Hrs (One Section)