Ministry of Planning and Finance Of Public Ruling

Regarding the above, the Department of Internal Revenue, Ministry of Planning and Finance, tax evasion, paying less tax; It is sent for compliance regarding misrepresentation of tax information and tax evasion, so members are further informed. Learn More

Motorcycle Show Room Business Terms and Conditions

In relation to the above matter, the publication of the terms and conditions to be followed when importing a motorcycle for sale at a motorcycle showroom (Show Room) has been issued to motorcycle showrooms in Mandalay Region. Businessmen and members are informed. Learn More

MRCCI Constitution

Constitution MRCCI constitution & constitution rules & regulation was adopted with MRCCI members. MRCCI CEC/EC was also elected under the constitution rules & regulation Download Now

Meeting with the Bangladeshi ambassador

Manjurul Karim Chowdhury With (Ambassador of Bangladesh) Ambassador came to be on 1.8.2022 at MRCCI . He discussed in Mandalay region business strategy and opportunity.

Business Strategy

(online Zoom application virtual Training ) Business Strategy Course For those who want to develop a business strategy, there are small courses (Business Strategy)MRCCI Members Businessmen (Business Man & Woman), Entrepreneurs starting a business Managers .This is a course that should be attended by those who want to study. The course will be taught with […]

The Export Readiness Training

International Trade Readiness for Mandalay British Chamber of Commerce Myanmar (BCCM) and Mandalay Region Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MRCCI) The Export Readiness Training will be opened in Mandalay. This is a special course that should not be missed for entrepreneurs who want to start exporting, the teachers who will teach and share are people […]

GACC Training

The GACC (General Administration of Customs China) certification course required for the export and sale of food products from Myanmar to the People’s Republic of China was held from 10.5.2022 to 11.5.2022 at the MRCCI office through a virtual system, and 30 participants attended. In the course, Department of Agriculture, Officials from the Department of […]