Job Fair, an employment opportunity exhibition jointly opened by the Department of Labor and the Mandalay Region Chamber of Commerce and Industry Association under the supervision of the Ministry of Labour. April 21st 2023It will be held at Mingalar Mandalay Shopping Center, and it is an event where you can introduce your products and young […]

MRCCI delegation visited to China

March 14th to 17th 2023 The delegation led by the Chairman of the Mandalay Region Chamber of Commerce and Industry Association visited Shwe li Town | Long churn District | Mansi City, Tahome Sub-Province, and exchanged in-depth discussions to further promote China-Myanmar trade cooperation. During the exploration, the delegation visited Shwe Li Port (Palace Gate, […]

Consulate of India Meet

On 27.2.23 at 11:00 a.m., the Consulate of India and members of businessmen and MRCCI President and Vice Presidents and Central Executive’s and Executive’s had a meet up on MRCCI.

Thai Minister-Counselor (Commercial) Meet

On 2.3.23. at 2:00 p.m., Thailand’s Counseling Minister Asso. Prof. Mr. Thanawut Naigowit, Ph.D., Minister-Counselor (Commercial) and MRCCI President U Win Htay and Vice Presidents and Secretary’s meet to discussed.

English & Computer Training

Admission applications for Postgraduate Diploma in English Course & Diploma in English Course from (6.2.2023) to (24.2.2023) and English Language Proficiency Course; Computer Advanced Excel Course computer basic course Applications for advanced computer courses and language skills courses from (6.2.2023) to (22.3.2023) and Must come and apply during office hours. (A copy of the educational […]

Mandalay Stock Investment Seminar

There is good news for people who want to invest in stocks from Mandalay. Organized by the Yangon Stock Exchange.. Knowledge related to the stock market and investment opportunities will be lectured and discussed, so people who want to invest in stocks and businessmen are invited to attend the “Mandalay Stock Investment Seminar”. The stock […]

Nature Fertilizer Training

MRCCI would like to organize the fertilizer training for two days to support the farmers and reduce the natural waste and to get more organic products from the farms by sharing the knowledge exchange from the expert. Here in Myanmar, the local farmers buying the fertilizer from abroad and most of the products are expensive […]

MRCCI Partnership Project MRCCI _ Reutlingen CCI  Workshop

MRCCI Partnership Project MRCCI Workshop  MRCCI Partnership Project MRCCI _ Reutlingen CCI Workshop have been discussed by MRCCI’s the Chairman and 7 Central Executive with MRCCI’s Future Plan and activities the working committees on Nov 23th 2022. They have discussed about of the association fundming and connect the new partnership German Thai Chamber on Nov […]

Ministry of Planning and Finance Of Public Ruling

Regarding the above, the Department of Internal Revenue, Ministry of Planning and Finance, tax evasion, paying less tax; It is sent for compliance regarding misrepresentation of tax information and tax evasion, so members are further informed. Learn More