Business Awareness and Engagement Workshop (Mandalay Region/Dry Zone)

Event Info:

Date: 16th and 17th May, 2023

Time: Day1 (9:00 AM- 3:00 PM) , Day 2 ( 9:30 AM – 12:30 PM)

Venue: Hotel Hazel , Mandalay (Hybrid)

Workshop agenda for the Mandalay event can be seen as per attached. The purpose of the workshop is to create business awareness about their role in improving nutrition; introduce to SUN Business Network (SBN) Myanmar and to  explore any challenges and opportunities faced by businesses/SMEs in Mandalay region/Dry Zone along with potential linkages/support activities to enable private sector to act on improving nutrition through the SBN.

Please feel free to share the workshop agenda and Participant Registration with any SMEs in your network (from Mandalay and near dry zone areas) who are interested to join our 2-day event in Mandalay.  Registration link can be accessed here and your response is warmly appreciated COB 7th May (Sunday). 

workshop Background

SUN Business Network (SBN) is a part of the global Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) Movement and it is the
world’s largest nutrition-focused business network of 1,400+ businesses (more than 80% are SMEs)
across Asia and Africa. In Myanmar, the SUN Business Network (SBN) was established in 2019-20 and
hosted by UN World Food Programme. We are now joined by more than 40 companies including
MNCs, large Nationals & SMEs. SBN Myanmar works with companies to create awareness about their
role in improving nutrition, secure their commitment to make tangible improvements in their
products, business models, services, and/or workplace for improving nutrition, and facilitate them in
taking actions. Improving food safety, promoting food fortification, support development and
commercialization of healthier food products and food systems-level solutions, consumer awareness
& demand creation, workplace nutrition are the current priorities of SBN Myanmar. Currently, SBN Myanmar is planning to expand to state/regions where agro-food enterprises are presented and
implemented for its business engagement/awareness, making linkages and support businesses
encouraging their local food production/supply. SBN Myanmar conducted its business engagement
workshop in October 2022 and follow up support/business ideation and food safety workshop in
January 2023.

Business Awareness and Engagement Workshop (Mandalay Region/Dry Zone)